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At Stylus we are always on the lookout for Engineers and Technicians who are well trained and qualified. We prefer to train our own technicians and engineers and let them grow along with the company.

However, Experienced Engineers and Technicians are always welcome, however the culture and work ethics in STYLUS are above Industry standards and any new recruit will need to fit into our organization on our terms which are basically a set of very standard rules and regulations that we strictly enforce since it is our good name that hangs in the balance. The managements doors are always open to any employee who has any genuine concerns/issues at any time.

We believe in maintaining a Fun work culture and making sure the entire team works as one, well oiled machine. Every event is briefed to it's respective team well in advance and everyone is given individual responsibilities.

Freelance Sound and Lighting Engineers or Technicians who want to work with us on a contract or per show basis are also welcome. We offer excellent remuneration and a fantastic work culture.

Our remuneration for all our permanent employees are well above Industry standards and all our employees are paid on a basic plus per event basis. They also receive bonuses for Good work and willingness to go the extra mile.

We believe in giving every employee a sense of ownership of the company, so that they are happy to go the extra mile whenever clients require it.

So if you are Hard working, willing to work long hours, disciplined, professional and organized in your approach to your work, eager to learn more, want to work in a friendly environment with a team of highly dedicated, highly trained professionals then.... Give us a call, come and meet us, let's have a chat and see what comes up!!

  1. FOH Sound Engineer
  2. Assistant Front of House Lighting Engineer
  3. Sound Setup Technician
  4. Lighting Set up Technician
  5. Warehouse and Equipment Manager
Send in your resumes to: sharukh@stylussnlpro.com