Team Stylus

Sharukh.F Billimoria - Founder and Managing Director

There are so many stories of people who set out to make it big in Bombay, this ones reversed. Originally from Bombay, Sharukh had his mind set on making it in the Sound and Lighting business in India, and he did. He moved to Bangalore over a decade ago, and there's been no stopping him. The genius makes lighting & lighting design look like child's play. He's lit up many stage for a whole range of artists & bands including the likes of Shankar Mahadevan, Vasundhara Das, Pentagram,Sivamani, Benny Dayal,Raghu Dixit and Thaikudam Bridge to name a few. His contribution to the team as Lighting Designer and Chief Engineer is immeasurable.

He is also the BOSS of Stylus and even after several years in the Industry he continues to oversee all that happens at Stylus. His excellent leadership qualitiesand humane nature, is what makes Stylus, the amazing company that it is.

Johanson P.K - Chief Sound Engineer

Originally from Pondicherry, Johanson's Career has spanned all the divisions the Sound Industry has to offer. Starting out over a decade ago as a crucial member of the Main team, at one of India's Premier Rental Companies he moved on to Audio Installations for Cinema, Sound and Lighting Installations at several of Bangalore's most prestigous auditoriums and then onto setting up of entire Studios for one of India's most prestigous Radio Channels.

As if all that wasn't enough, Johanson went on to help setup and then run and Manage one of the country's most well known Music School's-Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, near Chennai. Johanson has been the Sound engineer of choice for a large number of Indian and International Bands and has travelled all over the country, touring with them.

Prathap R.K - Chief Technician

Prathap started his career with Stylus in it's second year and has grown from strength to strength ever since. Starting from the basics, he quickly proved himself extremely capable and adept to both the Administration as well as Stylus's extremelydiscerning quality oriented Clientele. He holds the position of Chief Technician.

Whether it is Rigging a Line Array or setting up a Truss, Prathap is our go to guy!

Joe Preetam - Sound Engineer

Joe also originally from Pondicherry fell in love with the job at a very young age, starting his career by working in the local music scene in Pondicherry he then moved to Bangalore where he joined Stylus.

Joe is an Avid Certified Operator and also extremely adept at Studio Recording. Over his 7 year long career he has worked with Bands and artists like Mute Math, Alt-J and Napalm Death. He is the Touring Engineer for Indian Bands like Girish and the Chronicles and Clown with a Frown to name a few.

Ansha Bahadur - Chief Lighting Technician

Ansha Bahadur, one of a kind in every way possible, this sweet well mannered Gentleman is also our Star Lighting Tech. Joining Stylus in 2013, Ansha continues to Learn and Grow with Stylus. He now heads our Lighting Department as its Chief Technician ensuring the care and Maintenance of the gear in the Warehouse so it works flawlessly when he and his team rigs it at the Venue its been deployed to.